Since the horrific school shooting in May in Uvalde, Texas, law enforcement and school officials alike have been looking for ways to prevent unspeakable tragedies.

Many ideas have been bandied about, including stronger checkpoints and single entrances, and of course the inevitable calls to ban guns.

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In North Carolina, one school district is going the opposite direction.

The Madison County School District in North Carolina school district is preparing to put AR-15 rifles in every district in the school in the event of a future school shooting. The school district is teaming up with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office on the plan.

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What The Plan Is

The plan of Madison County North Carolina law enforcement is to have special safes in every school throughout the district. The safes are stocked with AR-15’s, ammunition, and breaching tools for barricaded doors.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood stated what his goal is very simply:

“The reason we put the breaching tools in the safes is that in the event we have someone barricaded in a door, we won’t have to wait on the fire department to get there. We’ll have those tools to be able to breach that door if needed. I do not want to have to run back out to the car to grab an AR, because that’s time lost. Hopefully we’ll never need it, but I want my guys to be as prepared as prepared can be.”

Perhaps a refreshing change in attitude, Sheriff Harwood explained who really calls the shots in his county: 

“I hate that we’ve come to a place in our nation where I’ve got to put a safe in our schools, and lock that safe up for my deputies to be able to acquire an AR-15. But, we can shut it off and say it won’t happen in Madison County, but we never know. I want the parents of Madison County to know we’re going to take every measure necessary to ensure our kids are safe in this school system. If my parents, as a whole, want me to stand at that door with that AR strapped around that officer’s neck, then I’m going to do whatever my parents want as a whole to keep our kids safe.” 

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Other States Turning To Proaction

In the wake of the Uvalde shooting came the frequent topic of arming teachers. The National Council of State Legislatures notes that 29 states currently allow people other than law enforcement and security officers on school grounds with weapons.

Ohio recently passed a law that allows teachers to carry weapons. In Florida, more than 1,300 school staff members are also working as armed guards in 45 Florida school districts.

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In Texas, over 400 school districts allow teachers and staff to be armed. And in Pennsylvania, State Sen. Doug Mastriano – currently the GOP nominee for Governor – has introduced a bill that would allow school employees who already hold a license to carry a weapon could do so while working on school property.

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The Hard Lessons Of Uvalde

Stories of the complete breakdown of law enforcement readiness and willingness to engage the shooter in Uvalde have come out little by little. In June, after review of documents and video footage by the New York Times, there were indications that at least a dozen children were alive in the same classroom as the shooter while local police waited for over an hour for “protective equipment.”

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In other disturbing video footage, heavily armed and armored police officers stand in the hallway of the school. They are seen fist-bumping and one uses hand sanitizer as they do not attempt to subdue the shooter.

And in one of the most egregious instances of inaction and and incompetence, Office Rubin Ruiz attempts to get to the classroom where his wife, fourth grade teacher Eva Mireles, was inside with the shooter. She phoned Ruiz to tell him she was bleeding heavily and thought she was dying.

Ruiz was not only restrained from going in to save his wife and others, his firearm was taken from him. Mireles died of her injuries.

If nothing else, Madison County, North Carolina’s new policy is sure to cause controversy.

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