Brian Stelter: Hunter Biden Could Bring Down Joe’s 2024 Bid, ‘Not Just a Right-Wing Media Story’

CNN's Brian Stelter admits that legal troubles surrounding Hunter Biden have the potential to tear down a potential 2024 re-election bid by his father, President Joe Biden.
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CNN’s Brian Stelter admits that legal troubles surrounding Hunter Biden have the potential to tear down a potential 2024 re-election bid by his father, President Joe Biden.

Stelter was interviewing Michael LaRosa on Sunday, when the two began discussing prospects of Joe Biden running again in 2024. Larosa is the former press secretary for First Lady Jill Biden.

While LaRosa expressed hope that Joe Biden runs again, the CNN anchor expressed concerns about his age before bringing up Hunter.

“What about his son?” Stelter fretted. “What about Hunter? Hunter under federal investigation, charges could be coming at any time. This is not just a right-wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens.”

“Could he decide not to run for re-election, given his son?”

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Could Hunter Bring Joe Biden Down in 2024?

Stelter’s comments come amidst recent claims from Senator Chuck Grassley, who says high-ranking FBI whistleblowers have accused the Bureau, along with the Department of Justice (DOJ), of suppressing negative information about Hunter Biden prior to the 2020 election.

Grassley (R-IA), in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland dated July 25th, claimed the FBI had information in 2020 on alleged “criminal financial and related activity” engaged in by Hunter Biden, but rather than investigate, set up a team to discredit it as ‘disinformation,’ a move that “caused investigative activity to cease.”

“The allegations provided to my office appear to indicate that there was a scheme in place among certain FBI officials to undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation,” Grassley asserted.

The information from the whistleblowers has not been confirmed at this time.

An investigation into Hunter’s business practices and laptop has been confirmed as ongoing, with CNN noting last week that it had reached a “critical juncture.”

The investigation, the network indicates, seems to have pivoted to alleged tax violations and “making a false statement in connection with Biden’s purchase of a firearm.”

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Stelter Insisted Hunter’s Woes Were Russian Disinformation

The comments from Brian Stelter stand out because he was one of the original ‘journalists’ insistent that information gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign.

“For all we know, these emails were made up, or maybe some are real and some are fakes, we don’t know,” Stelter said in the days leading up to the 2020 presidential election. “But we do know that this is a classic example of the right-wing media machine.”

From “a classic example of the right-wing media machine” to “not just a right-wing media story” – and it only took Stelter what, nearly two years to come around?

Some journalist.

CNN, nearly 21 months after the presidential election, finally decided to have a “cyber forensics expert” dive into emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and confirm their authenticity.

College student Christopher Phillips confronted Brian Stelter at a forum on ‘disinformation’ back in April.

“You’ve all spoken extensively about Fox News being a purveyor of disinformation, but CNN is right up there with them,” Phillips said.

“They push the Russian collusion hoax, they push the Jussie Smollett hoax, they smeared Justice Kavanaugh as a rapist, and they also smeared Nick Sandmann as a white supremacist. And yes, they dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop affair as pure Russian disinformation,” he added.

Former President Donald Trump recently threatened to file a lawsuit against CNN over what he contends is “repeated defamatory statements.”

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