MSNBC’s Joy Reid Livid Over Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Oversight Committee Assignment, Compares MTG to Jefferson Davis

Legacy media personalities are truly beside themselves over the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been given committee assignments, and Joy Reid is no exception.
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Legacy media personalities (and the Biden administration) are truly beside themselves over the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been given House committee assignments, and Joy Reid is no exception.

Reid, who is like every other cookie-cutter one-trick pony in the media, found an unintelligent race angle to Greene (R-GA) being named to the House Oversight Committee.

And the MSNBC host ran with it.

“This is as if Jefferson Davis was made the chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee or placed in charge of the United States Senate or the House,” she ranted during her Wednesday broadcast.

“This is placing literally the confederates in charge of the union.”

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Joy Reid: Marjorie Taylor Greene is Just Like Jefferson Davis

To nobody’s surprise, it’s clear Joy Reid has no idea what ‘literally’ means. It is, after all, three syllables longer than the words she is used to dealing with.

What might be surprising, however, is that her guest, New York Times columnist Charles Blow, wasn’t even willing to follow her into the ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene is Jefferson Davis’ equation.

“I am no fan of Jefferson Davis, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is no Jefferson Davis,” Blow responded.

That a guest would have to push back on such a nakedly stupid assertion is par for the course over at MSNBC.

Greene was not only given a seat on the Oversight Committee but effectively swapped out seats with Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on the House Homeland Security Committee.

Her roles were given following a promise by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, after Democrats purged America First Republicans from committees back in 2021.

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Jefferson Davis was a Democrat

One could almost place a box of rocks at the broadcast desk instead of Joy Reid, roll the cameras for an hour, and the audience would get the same level of insightful commentary.

Aside from not understanding the word ‘literally,’ Reid clearly doesn’t know much about history either.

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Jefferson Davis after all, former President of the Confederate States, was a Democrat just like Reid.

In an interview with Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan, former US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. explained how the Democrat Party is the party of the Confederacy.

“There is no doubt that the Democratic Party is the party of the Confederacy, historically, that the Democratic Party’s flag is the Confederate flag,” Jackson claimed, according to McGlowan’s 2007 book, Bamboozled. “It was our party’s flag.”

“That Jefferson Davis was a Democrat, that Stonewall Jackson strongly identified with the Democratic Party, that secessionists in the South saw themselves as Democrats and were Democrats.”

Jackson added: “The Democratic Party’s history, since it is our nation’s oldest political party, has its roots in slavery.”

Reid has dutifully carried on the role of being one of the most overt propagandists on television today.

She often refers to black Republicans as ‘tokens’ and reduces their roles in government as little more than symbolic.

Reid repeatedly belittled Herschel Walker as unintelligent and not really black, called Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a “patina of diversity,” and smeared Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence.”

More recently, she downplayed Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) nomination for Speaker of the House as little more than a “diversity statement” by Republicans.

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