MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Compares Impeaching Trump to Lincoln Abolishing Slavery

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough somehow drew an analogy between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi approaching the impeachment of Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln freeing slaves.

We’re well aware that Trump Derangement Syndrome has eroded Scarborough’s mind, but it’s hard to even understand this wild comparison.

“I will say, Nancy Pelosi has to be calculating,” Scarborough began. “Abraham Lincoln was calculating in saving the union. He was very calculating, and he moved to the position when he felt the American people were ready,” he added. “Ready to move toward the emancipation of slaves.”

Enter Pelosi’s task in navigating impeachment waters.

“I’m not being critical of Nancy Pelosi here,” the co-host of ‘Morning Joe’ insisted. “I will say though, there are times though to not calculate. I would say when you have a president who has abused power more than any other President, not only in our lifetime, I just can’t think of any historical precedence, of any president who abused his position more …”

Watch the bizarre comments below …

Scarborough’s Feud With Trump

Scarborough’s feud with President Trump has been an ongoing embarrassment for the network he works for, and he has been a perpetual punching bag for Trump on social media.

Along with his wife, Mika Brzezinski, the ‘Morning Joe’ hosts have repeatedly shredded Trump, a man they gave a major political platform to leading up to the 2016 election.

Perhaps the most obvious pinnacle of this feud was when the President mocked Mika’s intelligence, called her husband ‘Psycho Joe,’ and hammered her over a face-lift operation.

What Is He Talking About?

History aside, how did the others on this MSNBC panel sit there with a straight face while listening to this garbage? Do these far-left journalists actually believe that by impeaching President Trump, Nancy Pelosi would be uniting and saving the country?

One thing is certain, if Democrats do decide to move forward with this pipe dream it will be: A) Squashed in the Senate and B) Unifying for Republicans in their disdain for an obstructionist party that has tried to destroy Trump’s presidency and stall American greatness for political gain.

But it will in no way unify the country as a whole, and it most assuredly would not save America. It would only do more harm.

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