MSNBC’s Jealous Joe Compares Trump’s Performance To Elvis Presley’s Last Concert

Only a few hours have passed since President Donald Trump told the nation that he was seeking reelection in 2020 and that the opposition media has decided to go after him once again.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough could not help himself by showing disdain and disrespect to Trump by claiming that his Tuesday night campaign rally performance reminded him of Elvis Presley in his later days performing for the Las Vegas crowds.

Scarborough: “It’s Elvis in ‘77 sweating, trying to sing the old hits but his heart is just not in it. They know what he’s going to sing before he sings it. They know all the words and the guy who was once so exciting is now just dull.”

For those that do not know what Scarborough is talking about, “Elvis In Concert” was the Rock and Roll King’s last television special that aired in 1997, after he had died. Most of the footage, if not all used in that movie, was of Presley’s last year on tour. I watched it many times, and you could see how Presley didn’t have it anymore. He was sweating profusely and laboring across the stage, but he still gave everything to that performance for his fans.

I didn’t see that last night with President Trump, so I don’t know where Scarborough is coming from except for the Island of Jealousy. Elvis died 42 years ago. Scarborough’s reference fell on mostly deaf ears.

Trump’s re-election rally was held at Orlando’s Amway Arena, and while it was presented as something unique and breathtaking, much of the speech was given to refortify and maintain what he has while trying to bring in new votes for the 2020 election. Trump didn’t disappoint his base.

MSNBC’s Scarborough, not shockingly, saw it in a completely different light: Trump reminded him of the drug-addicted King of Rock and Roll, playing out his greatest hits while laboring on stage.

There is no optimism in any current Democrat’s respective platforms. Consumer confidence is through the roof and Democrats are reeling. A Democrat mayor of a Texas town bordering Mexico slammed the federal government and lawmakers, saying “we are sick and tired of the deaf ears” for failing to protect cities like his from illegal immigration.

Maybe #JealousJoe should start focusing on that crisis–what do you think?

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