MSNBC Guest Says GOP Senators Who Voted To Impeach Trump ‘Helped Their Obituaries’

Meacham Trump

Historian Jon Meacham went on MSNBC on Monday to disturbingly claim that the Republican senators who voted in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump “helped their obituaries.”

Meacham Talks Impeachment

Meacham was talking about the impeachment trial on “Morning Joe” when host Willie Geist pointed out that the Republicans who voted to convict Trump were already facing “blowback.”

“Yeah. If I were Sen. Burr, I would embrace that. Sometimes we talk about obituary management. Those seven folks just helped their obituaries,” Meacham replied, according to The Daily Caller.

“I think about this a lot when you see we’re at the point in the actuarial cycle where a lot of folks involved in Watergate are moving on,” he added. “And, it’s just interesting to see what is it that you’re remembered for.”

“I’m sure Sen. Burr is a lovely man. I’m sure he has done a lot for North Carolina and America,” he added. “But, I promise you that the thing right now that looms largest is that he decided we’re a constitutional republic not a cult of personality. And in many ways, that’s what that vote was about.”

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Burr Joins Democrats In Impeaching Trump

Trump was acquitted by the Senate on Saturday in a 57-43 vote, with seven Republicans joining Democrats in voting in favor of impeachment.

Of these seven, one of the biggest surprises was Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, who had just voted that the trial was unconstitutional a few days prior. In the wake of this, Burr is facing censure by his state’s Republican Party, which is meeting on Monday to decide what action to take.

“On this Presidents Day, one of the things to think about is we do have a different president. And 81 million Americans made what I would argue is the right choice in November,” Meacham said.

“And 57 United States senators, not enough, but 57 United States senators said that this man was — the former president, was guilty of inciting insurrection against his own government,” Meacham continued. “And that 57-43 number, while not determinative in a constitutional sense, is probably not that far off from where the country at large is about the Republican party.”

“If I were a Republican right now and I was thinking not in 10-minute terms, which is what they are doing, but 10-year terms, I would feel an existential crisis,” he concluded.

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This piece was written by James Samson on February 15, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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