Twenty-year-old Mollie Tibbetts went missing a month ago in Iowa, and the search for her was a national news story over the past month. There was tragic news yesterday as her body was discovered in a cornfield after the murder suspect led authorities to her body.

The suspect, 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera was caught after investigators reviewed footage of Mollie jogging before her disappearance, and saw Rivera’s vehicle on the footage.

Rivera has since confessed to the killing, and been charged with first-degree murder. Another tragic detail of the senseless murder is one the media truly wishes weren’t the case – that Rivera is an illegal alien from Mexico.

According to LifeZette, “an MSNBC guest’s dismissive comment that Tibbetts was just some ‘girl in Iowa’ that ‘Fox News is talking about’ is one of the most callous remarks aired on network news recently. On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi hosted several panelists to talk about the day’s news, including Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University in New York.”

Greer said “I’m sure we’ll hear what he [President Trump] has to say about this at his — his rally, but Fox News is talking about, you know, a girl in Iowa and not this, right?” referring to the news about Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. “And, tomorrow morning, we know he’ll wake up and tweet and sort of, you know, besmirch the reputation of Michael Cohen and all the people around him and [then] go back to Mueller. And this has, obviously, been boiled down to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” she added.

Watch below:

She’s since walked-back those comments. “Yesterday I said something flippant that was unintended. Mollie Tibbets (sic) was a promising young woman who lost her life. My hope is that her family will find peace & justice and that her murder is not used to justify a discriminatory immigration policy,” she wrote on Twitter.

Few accepted the apology.

Sadly, Greer wasn’t the only one who made such an insensitive comment. CNN’s Sally Kohn wasn’t much better, criticizing Fox News for reporting on the conclusion of what was one of the biggest news stories over the past month.

And there was also Elizabeth Warren, who thought that while Tibbett’s death was tragic, it’s not as bad as illegal immigrants being separated from their family members for a couple of days.

If the illegal alien had at least committed the murder with a gun, would people like Greer, Kohn, and Warren care a little then?

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