MSNBC Defends George Soros, Says Criticism of Globalist is ‘Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid took on the task of attempting to make left-wing billionaire George Soros look like anything but someone attempting to rewrite American society for the worse during a recent episode of her program.

During a Tuesday episode of “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, Reid attempted to use her panel of liberal guests to paint anyone who criticizes the radical leftist Soros as racist, radical right-wing conspiracy theorists, with one of the panelists going as far as to say that it’s “extremely dangerous to our democracy” to criticize him.

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Everything I don’t Agree With is a Threat to Democracy

Toward the end of the program, after a rousing session of blaming conservatives for every problem in the world (as is tradition at MSNBC), Reid turned to former CIA officer turned liberal commentator Tracy Walder to ask why conservatives paint Soros as the mastermind behind many of the political and cultural challenges we face today.

“The fact that they keep throwing George Soros’ name, we’ve talked about it a lot in our show meetings, [because] it definitely feels like a dog whistle that is dangerous,” said Reid.

Walder replied, “It definitely feels like a dog whistle that is dangerous. Look, most of these groups, the Oath Keepers, Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, they all subscribe to what you all are referring too which is the Great Replacement Theory, which is that idea that a majority of the white population is being replaced. And this is why we see these spikes in racism, these spikes in anti-semitism is because they are ascribing to this belief and its stoking this division.”

“Trump has for multiple years, actually now has called for a civil war,” she added, “and I think that’s really what he’s inferring when he does that and that’s why we’re playing whack-a-mole essentially with a lot of these online threats.”

If you’re confused, that only indicates you are sane. Most normal people have no idea what the “boogaloo boys” are, and have never heard Donald Trump “call for civil war.” 

Political commentator Tara Setmayer also jumped in before the segment closed.

“And Republicans are letting him do it. The Republican Party is letting him do it,” said Stetmayer. “They stand by as if that’s ok, that’s embarrassing, it’s them.”

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Maybe Satan Isn’t Such a Bad Guy… Right?

According to Newsbusters contributor Kevin Tober, Walder “never explained what these fringe groups that the overwhelming majority of Americans of all sides have never heard of have to do with the evoking name of George Soros.”

No one else is more responsible for Soros’ villainous persona than he is. The convicted felon, who was found guilty for insider trading and also caused financial catastrophes for the United Kingdom and Malaysia, has spent his billions funding anti-American causes.

Soros’ direct donations have been given to radical-socialists and anti-capitalist organizations such as Black Lives Matter and others you might not have heard of before, but have nevertheless been at work such as the Arab American Institute, The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Open Society Foundation, and numerous others.

So it’s no surprise that radical leftists such as those at MSNBC shield Soros at even the slightest criticism of their messianic figure.

According to Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell in a statement found in a recent in-depth report diving into Soros’ influence on media networks throughout the world, Bozell claimed “George Soros’ money buys a lot of things. It buys sympathetic coverage of his radical views on criminal justice, abortion, racial politics and climate extremism. And it buys protection from criticism by anyone on the right.”

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  • Soros "Messianic figure" ? Far nearer to reality is "Demonic". To imply a positive, supportive or otherwise "Good" characterisation of our billionaire one-man-world-destroyer, is to promote a lie far greater than claiming The Prince of Darkness is the Worlds' Number One Benefactor.
    Sadly he has "family" who share his negative genes - rather a shame they ALL could not be persuaded to go live in the land of his "birth" ! ( And STAY there ! )

    • Their words are appropriate “our democracy” – which excludes itself from everyone, every other peon’s democracy. Just as the infamous “Insurrection” threatened “their democracy”. This phase alone makes them stand-alone aloof elitists who can tell everyone else how “their democracy” is supposed to be run: chief among these principles is “no descent or counter-protesting allowed.” Their words are as shallow as they themselves are.

  • Why does anybody watch MSNBC?
    It certainly hasn’t had a newsworthy comment in many years and that’s why their ratings are so low . Don’t get excited by what they say. It’s probably a lie!

  • There is no democracy anymore here in the States. The democrats want power, will do anything they can to keep it and don't care who or what they destroy for it. People need to understand that just because democrats have some of the same letters as democracy, doesn't mean that's what they stand for. They only want to be rulers and have everyone else in servitude of them for the rest of their lives. The idiots in this country need to open their eyes and wake the hell up before its too late and leave the democratic party...its no party just the planned destruction on everything that this country was founded on!

  • George Soros admitted in a late 1990s "60 Minute" segment that he worked for the Nazis in Hungary during WWII, put his own people (Jews) on the cattle cars to the concentration camps, stole their silver, gold, diamonds and other assets, and called it the "best time of his life". The guy is a mentally disturbed, demented megalomaniac.

  • Soros is evil, his offspring are evil, anyone that follows him, accepts money from him, promotes his agenda is evil, tie to take evil out of the picture, No Vote for anyone backed by this group !

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