Mother And Daughter Get Caught In $190K Housing Fraud Scam – Largest In County History!

If they think that is the largest housing fraud case, they are California dreaming. Maybe, the largest fact uncovered or prosecuted.

A California mother and daughter were arrested for cheating the housing system and have been charged with fraud. Their work is being called the “largest housing fraud case” in county history.

Errica Madkins Mickens, 55, and her daughter Brittany Monet Mickens, 29, were arrested and charged for hiding their identities to receive funds from Orange County’s Housing Authority Section 8. This program allows rental assistance to low-income individuals, a class they don’t fit in to.

This happens more often than not, and is why we need to pull welfare altogether. Having met thousands of people on welfare and having them tell me their life stories, not a single one of those people had used welfare appropriately. Out of THOUSANDS of people, ALL committed fraud in multiple ways to receive government money.

We need to have our welfare systems investigated. There are too many people on food stamps, Section 8, disability, etc. that shouldn’t be on it. It’s the wrong people that hurt the ones that need assistance.

“The brazen way (the IHSS) program was exploited by these two individuals to steal taxpayer dollars is beyond disturbing,” District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement.

The mother and daughter allegedly used multiple birth certificates and ID cards to gain eligibility for the public programs, hiding their true identities, but investigators say Errica and Brittany Mickens have more than $600,000 in their bank accounts.

Errica Mickens is an IHSS client who received the maximum benefits – for clients who need 285 hours of assistance per month. Brittany Mickens served as the care provider for her mother, who she said she could not speak or walk, according to prosecutors.

But during surveillance in the district attorney’s probe, Errica Mickens was seen moving trash cans, carrying vehicle tires, driving a vehicle and shopping in grocery stores, without aid. Investigators also said the mother and daughter took a recent trip to Europe, which they posted on social media, and bought a new SUV.


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I know from experience that 90 percent of the people who receive some assistance do not deserve it. From women getting pregnant every so often to stay on assistance instead if signing up for work programs and such. To even grandmothers saying they can’t go to work because who would take care of the grandkids, even though the children do not live with them. Pretty sad.

Pretty sad to see that $190 is the largest fraud uncovered. That tells me they don’t pay very close attention because we all know there’s much more than that going on. Some people have been doing it their whole lives.

And don’t forget. The Democrats want to give people coming into our country by breaking federal laws the same easy life. While honest, hardworking Americans get up each day and go to work, we work, pay taxes, obey the laws of the USA. What are we getting in return?

When you know how to work the system, it’s easy to scam the system. Sadly, some other folks who can need help have a hard time getting it. These two should be made to work in a jail and pay every penny back plus interest.

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