SHOCK POLL: More Americans Than Ever Are Using Their Vote to Send Obama a Message


President Obama infamously declared last week that while he’s not on the ballot this year, his policies are – “every single one of them.” Unfortunately for him, the American people are taking that to heart. The Washington Examiner reports:

Angry and frustrated voters are planning to use the midterm elections in one month to tell President Obama they oppose his agenda, the highest “no vote” percentage in the last 16 years measured by Gallup.

The polling outfit found that 32 percent of voters want to send a message of opposition with their vote, compared to just 20 percent who are sending a signal of support.

That is 13 points higher than in 1998 when former President Clinton was headed to impeachment for lying about his sex affair with a former White House intern and even a smidge higher — [1 point] — than in 200[6], when Americans were tired of President Bush’s military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, Obama has the worst opposition since Gallup began asking the question, including ahead of the 2010 House GOP landslide. It’s no wonder Obama is political Kryptonite to Democrats in what is shaping up to be another Republican electoral wave.

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