Moderate Democrats Nervous That Far-Left ‘Woke’ Ideology Will Kill Party In 2022

Democrat Nervous That 'Woke' Could Be Losing Strategy In 2022

As members of the ‘Squad’ and other far-left politicians try to appeal to younger voters and make socialism seem cool, moderate and mainstream Democrats are beginning to rethink being ‘woke.’

More accurately, being ‘too woke’ will alienate Democrats and help Republicans in 2022.

Political correctness has been a tool conservatives have had at the ready for decades to beat liberals over the head with, but could it be that for the first time even Democrats are among those who think they have overplayed their hand?

A new report from Axios portrays some Democrats strategists hitting the brakes, especially in light of the results of the New York City Democrat primary for the Mayoral election, and the reaction that ideas like defunding the police are beginning to have.

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NYC Mayoral Primary Election Results

A pretty good indication of why moderate Democrats are getting antsy is the results of the recent New York City Democrat Primary for Mayor. Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, pulled out a win over several far-left candidates. 

The one thing that made Adams stand out from all the rest? He ran on not defunding the police.

A quick perusal of Adams campaign website lets you know that, not only does he fully support his brothers in blue, but lists all the reasons the Big Apple desperately needs police. 

It appears that New Yorkers are getting tired of their skyrocketing crime rate and want the police around to do something about it.

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Democrat Strategists Beginning To Sweat

When former Clinton political strategist James Carville says the Democrats have a ‘woke’ problem, they ignore him at their peril. During a recent interview with Vox, Carville pulled no punches.

He talked about those who populate American university faculty lounges, and use words and phrases like “latinx” or “communities of color.”

He stated, “You ever get the sense that people in faculty lounges in fancy colleges use a different language than ordinary people? … This is not how voters talk.” 

Carville also said very bluntly that, wokeness is a problem and everyone knows it. But he added that no one will say it out loud for fear of being a victim of the cancel culture.

Ruy Teixeira, a political scientist and co-author of a newsletter called “The Liberal Patriot,” also posited the idea that leaders in the Democrat Party will not call off the woke crowd for fear of incurring their wrath. 

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In Spite Of Fear, Far Left Progressives Push Forward

While level heads like Carville try to warn Democrats about how much woke is too woke, the far left of the Democrat Party appears to keep pushing its agenda.

No one willing to call “uncle” on the far left of the Democrat Party has lawmakers in moderate and swing districts, all the way down to senate aides worried. The general thought being that if the Democrats run, as the Axios report says, “as if Elizabeth Warren is president,” it could be ugly come election night 2022 for Democrats.

In the words of one senate aide, it’s ‘”bye-bye majority” if Democrats run on “extreme wokeness.”‘

Kevin Drum, a former writer for Washington Monthly and Mother Jones, hardly far right publications also warns, “[T]he truth is that the Democratic Party has been pulled far enough left that even lots of non-crazy people find us just plain scary….”

Many Democrats may discount people like James Carville as relics from the past, but Bernard Goldberg wisely summed up the landscape the Democrats are facing, ‘When liberals cry “Enough!” then it’s time for Democratic politicians to pay attention — or face the consequences.’


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