There is no question that race relations in America are in bad shape. Eight years of President Barack Obama has been damaging, and with the creation of Black Lives Matter flanning the flames of racial hatred, our local police officers are under attack.

Far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) unsuccessfully tried to use a 30 year old letter from Coretta Scott King to attack Jeff Sessions, who is now America’s Attorney General. The Senate Republican leadership quickly invoked “Rule 19” to shut her up, but Warren exited the Senate and read the letter to her supporters on Facebook anyway.

What does King’s legendary family think of this stunt? His niece Alveda King, a civil rights activist, is furious:

As Western Journalism reports:

King pointed out that she worked for her aunt for several years as communications and correspondence secretary, which would give her more insight into Coretta Scott King’s thinking than most.

King added that her aunt was a “reasonable person” and would note Session has “done some great work in fighting against discrimination.”

“I believe that if she could look at the record of Sen. Sessions today, with integrity, she would say, ‘Well, he has worked to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan, he has worked to desegregate public schools,’” King stated.

King criticized the tactic of “using the name of Martin Luther King Jr. and now Mrs. Coretta Scott King to get people’s emotions stirred so they cannot clearly get the message” of peacemaking. She called it “the old bait and switch, with the race card being played. … People will never look at the issues. People will never see the solutions. They’ll be angry and then we can slip our agenda in.”

She added: “But our family — we are peacemakers, we bring people together. … We do not divide people.”

Warren’s cheap stunts were beneath the United States Senate. Every Senator knows Sessions and this situation showed just how casually Democrats are willing to throw around the “race card” to destroy those they disagree with.

Sessions is more than qualified to be an excellent Attorney General. If Democrats want to debate the issues, they have to try something besides name calling.

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