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Mitt Romney To Make Senate Announcement in Two Weeks

Mitt Romney just made it official!

The former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate will be making a decision in the next two weeks on whether or not he’ll run for Senate in Utah. Mitt made the news on Twitter just now:

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This is big news. Ever since Senator Orrin Hatch announced he was retiring from the Senate, speculation has abounded about Mitt’s Senate ambitions. Romney has said in the past that he would run for Senate should Hatch retire. As soon as Sen. Hatch made his announcement, the location on Romney’s Twitter account switched from Massachusetts to Utah.

In case you don’t get it, you have to live in the state you’re running to represent. That should make it clear enough. But there’s been other news that Romney is slowly and quietly putting together a team for a run, pulling in old advisors and veterans from his two presidential campaigns.

Should Romney run, the Mormon base in Utah and his respectable family life will make him a shoo-in to win. In other words, the seat is his for the taking, should he want it.

This may or may not be good news for President Trump. Romney was a critical voice of Trump’s during the GOP primary. Don’t forget, Trump never forgives. But not long after Romney made it known he was considering running for Senate, Trump reportedly called him up to encourage him to run.

Should Romney run and win, many believe he’ll assume the role of elder statesman, and be an independent voice in the chamber.

We suspect that Romney will more than likely launch a campaign, but we’ll have to wait and see for the official announcement.

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