Mike Pence Vows at CPAC ‘America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!’

Mike Pence Vows at CPAC 'America Will Never Be a Socialist Country!'

Conservatives gave Vice President Mike Pence a standing ovation when he took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday.

‘Four more years!’

“I’m here for one reason and one reason only: that our movement, our party, and America need four more years” of President Trump, Pence said. The crowd roared.

“Four more years!” the audience chanted.

“You here said ‘yes’ to President Trump in 2016 and I know you’ll say yes to four more years!” Pence said.

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Pence then turned his attention to the election.

“While Democrats were still counting votes in Iowa, Trump won more votes in the New Hampshire primary than any incumbent” in decades, the VP said.

Pence continued, “President Reagan said it was morning in America. President Trump said ‘make America great again. How great is it to have a president who embraces his role as leader of the free world?”

Pence also addressed the economy, including the USMCA.

“NAFTA is gone and the USMCA is here to stay,” he said, adding that China has also been put on notice that the “era of economic surrender is over.”

“The American economy is booming,” he continued, noting that more Americans are employed today than ever before. “In three short years, we’ve made America great again!”

Then Pence said, “But to keep America great, we need you to decide right here and right now that America is going to vote to keep Trump in the White House for four more years. The choice has never been clearer, the stakes have never been higher.”

Pence Blasts Democrats

Pence went on to blast the Democratic primary field.

Of Tuesday’s Democratic debate, he said, “That wasn’t a Democratic debate, that was a demolition derby. President Trump won the Democratic debates in a knockout. Hands down.”

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Then Pence noted, taking a more serious tone, that the Democrats ave gone full socialist. And not just Bernie Sanders.

Pence said that today’s Democratic Party “has been taken over by radical leftists” and that there “are no moderates in this Democratic field.”

‘Every other Democrat embraces Bernie’s socialist agenda’

“Every other Democrat embraces Bernie’s socialist agenda” he added.

“It won’t be enough to win the next election,” Pence warned. “We have to win the next generation. We‘ve got to tell the truth about socialism and the benefits of freedom.”

“Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried,” Pence said. “Freedom works, socialism doesn’t.”

“America will never be a socialist country,” Pence vowed.

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