Mike Pence Visits Walmart Distribution Center To Thank Truckers And Workers – ‘We’re Grateful’

Mike Pence

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence thanked food supply workers and truck drivers for keeping America running during the coronavirus outbreak.

‘I had to come out and see a truck driver’

Pence delivered his personal thank you at the Walmart distribution warehouse center in Gordonsville, Virginia. During his visit, he spoke with Earnest Allen, a delivery truck driver for Walmart Transportation who continues to deliver products and food in this pandemic.


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“I had to come out and see a truck driver,” Pence said. “You guys are burning up miles every day making sure the American people have food, supplies.”

The vice president also spent time with forklift workers still working in the center during this crisis and thanked them for doing what they can to help Americans in this tense national moment.

“I like that hat,” Pence said to one man wearing a camouflage Trump hat.


‘Every day you come here, you’re making a difference for America’

The vice president also made comments to workers over the distribution center’s factory wide intercom system.

“The fact that you’re showing up every day – rolling your sleeves up and doing the work – it shows you love your neighbor and you love your country,” Pence said. “Every day you come here, you’re making a difference for America.”


The vice president thanked the workers for serving on the “front line” in the fight against coronavirus, by helping Americans still get food.

“We’re grateful for our farmers,” he said. “We’re grateful for our grocery store operators. We’re grateful for Walmart.”


Pence Eager to Get This Crisis Behind Us

Pence also said he was looking forward to the day when this crisis would be behind us.

“Here’s to that day in the future when we put the coronavirus in the past and come back stronger than ever before,” he said. “When that day comes, you’ll know right here at 1716 that you did your part.”


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Pence was joined by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.

“People are working. I just want to thank all those people, the whole supply chain from those that make the inputs to producing our food to farmers and ranchers who grow our food to those who process, inspect, and deliver—and stock,” Purdue told Breitbart News on Saturday.

“All those people are the real heroes,” he added.

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