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College Students Walk Out Of Vice President Pence’s Commencement Address

A group of students walked out during Vice President Mike Pence’s Commencement Address at Notre Dame.

Bryan Ricketts, the leader of this walkout is angry because he felt then-Governor Mike Pence’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation didn’t protect the LGBT community. Talk about holding a grudge.

Source: USA Today

This was not a surprise, but rather a staged protest some students had been planning for weeks. When Notre Dame announced that the vice president and former governor of Indiana would be the university’s 2017 graduation speaker in March, the student organization WeStaNDFor began brainstorming ways to take a stand.

Bryan Ricketts, who served as Notre Dame’s student body president from 2015-16 and graduated Sunday with a dual-degree in political science and chemical engineering, was one of the leaders. Ricketts told IndyStar that many of his peers were “upset and hurt” by the school’s decision to invite Pence because his “policies have impacted the humanity of certain graduates.”

About 100-plus students filed out of gates 27 and 28 of Notre Dame Stadium. They knew that once they left graduation, they would not be able to re-enter.

Here is a video of interviews before the walkout:

Here is when the students actually walked out:

What many snowflakes do not understand is that these walkouts and sit-ins do nothing. If you want to make a change, then you have to run for office and work to implement your ideas. Your ideas will never be worthy of validation until you participate in the process.

Once again, this does nothing but show ignorance and stupidity from students who will look to participate in our adult world and we should be worried. College universities used to deliver young adults with great ideas to push America into the future but we have become stagnant behind the whiners being released.

They complain about the political process but they don’t want to join to fix.

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