Mike Huckabee Warns Left That Trumpism ‘Isn’t Going Anywhere’

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Liberals everywhere may be celebrating the fact that Joe Biden was just inaugurated as president, but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has a warning for them that they might want to listen to: Trumpism “isn’t going anywhere.”

Huckabee Discusses Trumpism

“If I asked you the one thing, the one issue or the one symbol, the one message that whoever takes up this mantle in the patriot party, the Republican Party, what individual, what is that flag they need to pick up? What is the number one thing?” “Fox & Friends” co-host Will Cain asked.

“It’s America first,” Huckabee replied. “We’re a great country. And it was so very evident that throughout his campaign and his presidency that this is a president that never apologized for America.

“We know we have got some sores and wounds and some ugly things in our past, but basically, we are also the one nation in the history of civilization that has opened up prosperity and possibility for not just ourselves and our own people but for people around the globe,” he said. “And this president didn’t apologize for who we are and where we have come from.”

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Huckabee Doubles Down

“I often said during the campaign of 2016 that you could go into a Waffle House and see four guys sitting around drinking their coffee, kind of huddled in close where no one else could hear them, and they would talk about the things they really believed in,” Huckabee continued.

“Donald Trump would go to the podium and in a microphone in front of 25,000 people say what those guys just said,” he added. “And people celebrated he was speaking for working-class people and for the common guy.”

Huckabee concluded by saying that Trump and the movement that he created are not going anywhere anytime soon.

“And he has launched a movement. That movement isn’t going anywhere,” Huckabee concluded. “I think a lot of people may say, ‘Oh, Donald Trump is gone today.’ He may not be president, but his message and the principles upon which he built his presidency — not the personality — and you made, I think, a great point distinguishing that a few minutes ago. But his message and the principles of building the country and putting American people first, that ain’t going anywhere.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on January 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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