Michigan Parents File Lawsuit Against School District Over Sexually Explicit Books

Michigan Parents File Lawsuit Against School District For Sexually Explicit Books In School Libraries
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As more and more parents are pushing back against local school boards for liberal curriculums including Critical Race Theory and extreme gender ideology, a group of parents in Michigan is taking it one step further.

Parents who have children in the Dearborn Public Schools have filed a lawsuit against the district for putting sexually graphic books in the school libraries.

Dearborn, one of the most heavily-Muslim communities in the country, saw parents ask the district on multiple occasions to remove the books.

Parents showed up to the October meeting of the school board wanting to know how exactly that books were deemed appropriate for the K-12 student library. The school board ultimately shut the meeting down early.

During a recent Fox News interview, journalist Chris Rufo discussed the lawsuit, and recounted a portion of the October meeting, where one mother stood up and read part of a book entitled Flamer.

Fox News host John Roberts stated that the video clip of the mother reading from the book that Rufo posted on his Twitter page was too graphic to be aired on Fox News, but apparently not too graphic for children as young as elementary school to read.

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What The Lawsuit Says

The lawsuit reads in part, “As you are well aware, these parents have expressed to you great concerns regarding books depicting/describing pornography, pedophilia, and/or other sexually explicit content in your school library. They are also concerned over your sexual education policy, enhanced by your own denial of their right to ‘opt-out’ of your district’s sexual education program, in direct violation of Michigan law.” 

The district eventually pulled two of the books in question from the library shelves. However that wasn’t good enough for some parents.

Abdulnaser Alnajjar was one of those parents who stated, “You can’t just come tell me here ‘oh we did review the books and we figured out two books will be banned and the rest will not, the rest will not be banned.’ I, as a parent, hold the right to understand every single step that was taken to make this decision. I can’t just come here and then listen to you just make those decisions.”

Other parents said that the books were not compatible with their religious beliefs.

Muslim parents and conservative Republicans found common cause on the issue, which of course was attacked by left-wing media like Axios.

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The Nation’s School Boards vs. Parents

The COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise of sorts. Because of locked down schools, children were forced in to “virtual” learning. That meant that parents essentially had a look into their child’s classroom. They didn’t like what they saw.

As soon as school board meetings were held in person, parents started showing up at the meetings insisting on knowing everything that was being taught. School Board members didn’t like being questioned and meetings began to turn into loud affairs with parents demanding answers about the uber-woke curriculum.

It was recently revealed that the White House and the Department of Justice coordinated together after receiving a letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists. Parents who just want to know what their children are being taught in public schools they pay for with their tax dollars.

The letter requested an investigation of parents who confronted local school boards about the teaching of critical race theory and mask mandates violated the Patriot Act. Attorney General Merrick Garland then dutifully sent a memo to the FBI instructing them to focus on parents who “posed a threat” at meetings.

Dearborn Michigan parents said they would keep coming to school board meetings until they got the books removed from the school libraries.

Chris Rufo summed it up best saying, “As the voters, the parents, we get to decide what’s taught to the kids, and there are examples all over the country. You have to attack this with courage and without fear.”

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