Well this is embarrassing.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait was just unveiled and it looks…well…you be the judge:

Here is a closer look at the portrait:

Michelle gave some brief remarks about the piece:

Well, that’s certainly a nice sentiment. But the actual portrait, on the other hand, looks nothing like Michelle. At all. That makes it almost a wasted effort.

I’m not the only one to notice this discrepancy, either. Folks on Twitter were dumbfounded by the portrait:

It’s hard to understand how the artist could have gotten Michelle’s features all wrong. It’s not like she’s an unattractive woman – She has plenty of beautiful features that could have been highlighted. Instead, we’re gifted with a mysterious woman that’s now a stand in for the previous First Lady. How strange.

Then again, as someone pointed out, it fits the profile of the artist’s previous works:

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