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At BET Awards, Michelle Obama Introduces Chance the Rapper

Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance at the BET Awards last night, giving an introduction for Chance the Rapper who was receiving a “Humanitarian Award.”

As The Hill reports:

“Chance is showing our young people that they matter, that they have something inside of them that is worthy of being expressed, and they have so much to contribute to their community and our country,” Obama said in her video message.[…]

“I can think of no better legacy to leave, and I am thrilled to celebrate you here to tonight and honored to call you my friend,” Obama said.

Chance took the stage after Obama’s video to accept the award, delivering a passionate speech on police brutality, mass incarceration and public school funding.

“I’m 24 and to be receiving something like this at my age, it feels good as hell,” he said. “I love this.”

Chance is a longtime supporter of former President Barack Obama, once launching a clothing line honoring the former commander in chief. He also attended a state dinner at the White House during Obama’s final months in office.

It’s funny how no one mentions her husband eliminating school choice options for poor, minority students in Washington. D.C. And Chance is hardly a role model.

Here is Michelle’s introduction:

But just who is Chance, the rapper? With songs such as “F*ck You Tahm Bout”, “Home Studio – Back This B*tch” he hardly seems like someone a former First Lady should be associating with.

Here some example lyrics:

10 Days?
Are you for real?
Are you serious?
F*ck it then!

F*ck you tahm bout?…
N*gga, fu*ck you tahm bout?…

N*gga, f*ck this whole school and everything you tahm ’bout
Don’t ask me for no I.D., bitch I f*cking signed out
Bitch I’ve been suspended, bitch I’ve been on timeout
Waking up in grind mode and sleeping in a grindhouse
So please don’t hit my line ’bout the party trying to find out
What time that s*it going to start or when it end, or who gone come out
Or if I walked the stage, I’ve been on stage since I could rhyme out
Shows and shows and tapes of trying to get my f*cking lines out
So please don’t take my BIC out
My book out, my pick out, my hair, my f*cking big mouth
You d*ck head you dipped out of class and now you s*it out
Of luck who f*cking slick now, and with them rhymes you written down
I hope you get a mix down with a diss track
From Ms. Rownd and my d*ck sack in this b*tch mouth

And here’s more vulgar lyrics, where he’s insulting police officers, telling minorities not to cooperate during criminal investigations, mocking the security threat posed by Muslim refugees:

They murking kids, they murder kids here
Why you think they don’t talk about it? They deserted us here
Where the f*ck is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here
Probably scared of all the refugees, look like we had a f*cking hurricane here
They be shooting whether it’s dark or not, I mean the days is pretty dark a lot
Down here it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a f*cking parking spot
No love for the opposition, specifically a cop position,
Cause they’ve never been in our position
Getting violations for the nation, correlating, you dry snitching

This is the type of un-American, hateful nonsense that America had to endure during eight years of the Obama White House. Is this music the type of rap she wants today’s children to listen to?

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