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Michael Wolff Confronted by Meghan McCain on The View

Michael Wolff has been on a media tour the past week promoting his book “Fire and Fury,” which paints a picture of a White House in disarray. The book is allegedly based on over 200 interviews conducted with President Trump and his staff, including senior White House officials, but even that’s questionable.

In fact, it’s doubtful that he interviewed a single person from Trump’s Cabinet at all. More likely: Wolff talked to a bunch of low-level White House aides.

Lucky him, he’s gone largely unchallenged on the liberal networks he’s appeared on. That’s not surprising. Those networks are desperate for any anti-Trump coverage they can add to the media cycle.

But, shockingly enough, he was called out and challenged on The View of all places, by Meghan McCain, who can hardly be described as a fan of President Trump’s. As BizPacReview reported,

Meghan McCain decimated author Michael Wolff’s credibility on “The View” by rattling off a laundry list of errors in his anti-Trump book, “Fire and Fire.”

“You know, Michael, your credibility is being questioned. Trump said the book is full of lies,” McCain said before Wolff interrupted her.

Then Meghan began rattling off a number of individual errors in the book:

  • “[You wrote] The Washington Post reporter Mark Berman was in the Four Seasons the same time as Ivanka Trump — You admitted mixing up Mark with Mike Berman.
  • “[You misstated] the age of the White House communications director. There are a lot of factual errors in here. What do you say to people?”

Wolff had to admit the mistakes, but then immediately brushed the errors aside.

As we’ll remind you, others have not:

As we reported before the book even was released, the few excerpts made available to the public at the time even contained glaring errors. In one such excerpt, the book claimed that Trump didn’t know who John Boehner was. To debunk that claim, all one had to do was search “Boehner” on Trump’s Twitter timeline to discover tweets about the former Speaker of the House dating back to 2011.

Wolff is a fraud, and it was great watching McCain call him out on his misreporting to his face.

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