Michael Moore: Democrats Should Take ‘The Head Off The Snake, And That Was Donald J. Trump’

Michael Moore Says Democrats Should Take 'The Head Off The Snake, And That Was Donald J. Trump'

On Thursday, documentarian and liberal activist Michael Moore said that Democrats must take the head off the “snake” by convicting former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting the Capitol Hill riots.

Moore also said it was imperative that Republicans join the Democrats in this effort. Moore made these comments on MSNBC’s “The Beat.”

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Michael Moore: ‘They’ve Got To Start Right Now By Taking The Head Off The Snake, And That’s Donald Trump’

Moore said, “These are seditionists. They have a sedition caucus. They have to be brought up, and they have to answer for what they did.”

Then Moore insisted Dems take the “head off the snake.”

“But they’ve got to start right now by taking the head off the snake, and that was Donald J. Trump.” Moore said.

The far-left filmmaker continued, “He has to answer for his actions, or we will see more insurrections in the years to come, because they’ll say well, look at what happened, nothing, nothing happened.”

Moore Says If Republicans Want ‘Unity’ They Must Join Democrats In Convicting Trump

Moore went on to say that GOP members must face some sort of retribution for their complicity in Trump’s presidency.

“Something has to happen to all the Republicans who participated in this,” Moore insisted. “I just think that if the Democrats will be strong, and if their idea of reaching across the aisle, the only reaching — we’re the victims of Trump, our whole society.”

He then said the ball is in the Republicans’ court.

“The only reaching that should be done is by the Republicans reaching across,” Moore said. “If they want unity, here is a way to have unity 17 Republicans join the Democrats and convict Donald Trump.”

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Is Pursuing A Conviction Of The Former President Really What Is Best For The Country?

Moore genuinely believes convicting Donald Trump is what is best for the good – and unity – of the country.

A good portion of Trump’s 74 millions voters might disagree. They voted for him for a reason.

This glaring fact seems to be lost on too many Democrats. It is certainly lost on Michael Moore.

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