Melania Trump’s Former Hairstylist Shuts Down Liberal Narrative About The State Of Her Marriage

Melania Hairstylist

Liberals have spent years claiming that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have a loveless marriage. This week, however, the First Lady’s former hairstylist Lino Carbosiero is speaking out to blow this narrative out of the water, saying that the first couple is “loving and giggly” together.

Melania’s Former Hairstylist Speaks Out

Carbosiero, who began working with Melania in June of 2019, described the first lady as a “warm” person who is “really intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.”

“I see a completely different side to what people try and say about her,” Carbosiero explained, according to Daily Mail. “She is so warm and considerate. … She constantly asks assistants if they’re OK, if they need a drink. She will hug you, her team love her. They love him too, actually.”

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The hairstylist went on to talk about the certain “cheekiness” that the president and Melania have when they’re together.

“I’ve seen her in her dressing gown and him doing his shirt buttons up, they have a cheekiness together,” Carbosiero said. “They are very loving as well. I’ve seen that, my assistant has as well. So it’s not like I’m making it up. It’s true, they really have this little bond, they giggle and they laugh and it’s really sweet actually.”

Trumps Are Reserved Because They Are Judged

He added that the only reason the Trumps act so reserved in public is because of how heavily they are judged.

“I see how they are always so guarded because everyone is always so judgmental in their life. They are judged so much it almost makes them a little bit reserved,” Carbosiero continued. “But privately she’s funny and really intelligent and she’s a really lovely person, she’s really funny got a great sense of humor.”

“When you’re working with someone at five in the morning, you see them in their raw state and that’s when you get a really good understanding of what people are like,” he said.

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Trumps Are ‘Very Normal’

Carbosiero described both the Trumps as “very normal” who are “constantly” asking about the personal lives of their staffers.

“Someone who is my assistant Sienna was 17 or 18 and they take an interest, the President walked by and saw we were in the room and introduced himself to my assistant,” the seasoned hairstylist recalled. “That’s a big thing, because for many celebrities they don’t consider the assistant part of their [responsibility] you know.”

It’s nice to hear about a side of the Trump family that we don’t often get to see!

This piece was written by James Samson on November 3, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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