Melania Trump Wax Figure Released in Spain

Melania Trump’s wax figure was revealed today in a museum in Madrid, Spain.

The Museo de Cera Madrid has been hyping up the unveiling for days:

From the Inquisitr:

The full-on wax figure of Melania is shown in forward-facing view in a series of photos captured by photographer Marcos del Maz. The sideways photos of Melania’s wax figure show that the artist captured Melania’s high cheekbones and close-set eyes, as well as the deep lines around the mouth as the wax figure of the first lady smiles. Wearing a white top, the wax figure’s full body isn’t shown in the Getty Images photos of the figure as of this writing, so it’s unclear if the wax figure is wearing a white designer dress or slacks. It also isn’t clear yet if Melania’s wax figure has on a pair of sky-high red bottom Christian Louboutin stilettos. Another clue, however, leads to the notion that Melania’s wax figure is wearing her famous white dress from the 2016 RNC.

Unfortunately, pictures of the figure have yet to be fully released. If you click the links above, you can see the images from Getty. You can see a better view here.

Pictures with the watermark can be seen here:

Even though the unadulterated pictures have yet to be released, you can tell that Melania’s wax lookalike is 100% classy.

This is in comparison to the wax figures of former first lady Michelle Obama, which was far from realistic and accentuated all her worst features. Take a look:

Who do you think has a better wax figure? Michelle Obama or Melania Trump?

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