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Melania Trump Loves Being First Lady, Says ‘I Would Not Change for Anything’

When Melania Trump visited Fort Bragg on Monday, hundreds of military children heard her talk about how much she adores being first lady.

Mrs. Trump, along with Second Lady Karen Pence, talked to the students who had questions about what it was like being in her role.

Mrs. Trump said she enjoyed being a “mother first” and that she and Mrs. Pence work “hard every day to keep America great.”

When asked what she would change if she could, Mrs. Trump said, “I would not change for anything. I love what I do.”

“I think our husbands are doing a fantastic job and I would support my husband if he would run again and yes, it’s a privilege, a great honor to serve,” she added.

“My favorite experience is meeting all of you, meeting people all around the country and meeting people all around the world. And shine a spotlight on children and our next generation,” the first lady said.

She did acknowledge that occupying the White House was a big life change but reiterated that “I would not change for anything. I love what I do. And what will affect –  I will always shine a light on children. And next generation.”

Mrs. Trump told the children “I encourage all of you to be best in everything that you do, to challenge yourself to be true to yourself, and to have positive way in your life.”

The kids sang for Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Pence, which the first lady thanked them for and called their singing “beautiful.”

Melania Trump’s visit to the children at Fort Bragg came at the same time Vogue announced it would not be featuring the first lady, despite doing so for other wives of the president in the past.

“Her role as first lady of the United States and all that she does is much more important than some superficial photo shoot and cover,” Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said. “This just further demonstrates how biased the fashion magazine industry is…”

Without question. The liberal elites who run the fashion industry continue to bash the Trump family every chance they get, while Melania Trump keeps her head high.

The students at Fort Bragg couldn’t have asked for a better role model.