Imagine, if you will, a world where the media took claims of President John F. Kennedy abusing women seriously. Or reported on rumors that President Bill Clinton was treating young White House interns like his own personal playthings.

You might call such a world one filled with journalistic integrity. But, as we know by history, that’s not how the press handled those presidents’ affairs. Instead, they provided cover, tossing newspaper over the lurid deeds.

But that same standard doesn’t apply to First Lady Melania Trump. For the past few days, the media has been stoking a vicious rumor that the First Lady had gone into hiding after undergoing surgery. This happened, despite Melania making a public appearance during an event closed to the press. (RELATED: CNN Claims Melania Trump Hiding from Public Despite Being Seen at White House).

The number one backer of the conspiracy was Brian Stelter of CNN, who zealously speculated that Melania was buried in a hole somewhere:

It didn’t stop there. Some journalists openly speculated that Melania was being abused by Trump:

These are horrible rumors spread by men considered journalists. I know it’s a tired game, but imagine if any journalist speculated Obama was abusing Michelle. The screaming and cries of terror would never cease.

President Trump finally had enough of the malicious rumormongering, and lashed out over Twitter:

This understandable response prompted Stelter to tweet the following “who, me?” rejoinder.

Seeing as how Stelter was one of the most prominent journalists to speculate about Melania’s absence, this is really rich coming from him.

But now it looks like Trump had another motivation for sending those tweets. Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter who has been connected to Trump for years, tweeted out the following:

Remember, Haberman is super familiar with Trump world. She may know an explosive report is coming about a strained relationship between Trump and Melania.

What do you think? Is the media trying to smear Trump again? Tell us your thoughts below!

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