Megyn Kelly Torches Sons’ Former Woke School: ‘They’re Not Going To Call The Boys, Boys Anymore’

Megyn Kelly Torches Sons' Former Woke School: ‘They’re Not Going To Call The Boys, Boys Anymore’

On Tuesday, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said that she took her kids out of a private New York City school because of its “wokeism,” claiming the school was “not going to call the boys, boys anymore.” Kelly and her husband removed their children from their former school in November.

Kelly made her remarks during her interview with conservative writer Victor Davis Hanson on “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius XM.

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Kelly: ‘They’re No Longer Calling The Boys, It’s An All-Boys School’

Kelly told Hanson, “And I just heard an update on the boys school that we left, they’re no longer referring to the boys as boys.”

“They’re no longer calling the boys, it’s an all-boys school,” Kelly said. “They no longer say ‘your son’s’ they just say ‘your child, your children, your individual.’”

Kelly continued, “One of the parents recognized this during like a grade-wide zoom and called up one of the administrators after the fact to say ‘is this by design…I’ve noticed the absence of son or boy.'”

“And the guy owned it and he claimed he inherited it from the previous head of school, which is a lie,” the host said. “They’re not going to call the boys, boys anymore at one of the oldest and most prestigious boys K through 12 schools in the country.”

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Kelly: ‘The Mere Use Of The Term Boys Is Somehow Offensive’

Her guest Hanson replied, “It’s almost unbelievable,” and questioned why educators would behave in such a way.

“To be inclusive, to be kind, to be nonbullying,” Kelly replied. “Right, that’s the answer you get.”

“The mere use of the term boys is somehow offensive,” Kelly continued. “The use of the term breastfeeding is offensive. The use of the term woman is now offensive.”

Kelly said that one of the original reasons she and her husband had decided to take their sons out of the school was because the boys were asked on a regular basis if they’re “‘still sure’ they were boys.”

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