While she is currently heading to the free agent market following a debacle with NBC, a high-level source at Fox News says Megyn Kelly will never be welcome back at her former network.

Kelly was cut from her NBC show “Megyn Kelly Today” following a segment in which the panel talked about what constitutes an appropriate Halloween costume.

Inexplicably, Kelly gave a bizarre defense of dressing up in blackface for the occasion, which prompted a backlash from Hollywood hypocrites who have actually defended or performed the same controversial practice.

Kelly had expressed interest in returning to Fox through her agent, but a network executive has seemingly shot down that idea almost immediately.

The blackface incident

This past week, Kelly gave an ill-advised defense of blackface Halloween costumes, saying it had been an acceptable practice back in her day.

Decades ago, Kelly argued, going out on Halloween in a blackface costume was acceptable. “That was okay, as long as you were dressing like a character,” she claimed.

As with any racially charged topics, critics piled on and Megyn soon found herself backpedaling.

Kelly enlisted the help of famed #MeToo reporter Ronan Farrow to fight for her as NBC executives hauled her behind closed doors.

Kelly apparently inquires at Fox News

Amid the blackface controversy, Kelly had apparently seen the writing on the wall and sent out feelers about coming back to Fox News.

She had told multiple friends that she wanted to return to the network that saw her rise to prominence, only to get caught up in controversy with President Trump and eventually leaving it all behind to be a top star at NBC.

“She wants to come back,” one person close to Kelly told Vanity Fair.

Fox has been quick to squash any possibility of Kelly’s return, sending out messages of their own that indicate it’s simply not happening.

Another high-level source at Fox told the Daily Mail that Kelly “is not coming back to any of the Fox News platforms.”

Fox employees stick up for Kelly

Fox News’ meteorologist Janice Dean took to social media to defend Kelly, saying she “is not a racist” and “didn’t deserve” the backlash and actions taken by NBC.

Geraldo Rivera also chimed in saying, “Since she’s made an apparently heartfelt apology for grossly misguided remarks, how about showing some mercy to an otherwise good person?”

“Hope she comes back to Fox,” he added.