She came, she saw, she bombed.

It was questionable why Megyn Kelly ever would’ve thought that leaving Fox News would be a good idea. She rejected a four year deal to stay at Fox for $100 million, instead taking a gig at NBC that paid $15 million annually. Attracting an audience would be Kelly’s biggest challenge on the new network. Fox News loyalists were unlikely to tune into NBC – and she had already alienated most of her pro-Trump base. Meanwhile the NBC audience simply saw her as the host from “right-wing” Fox News.

So potential conservative viewers think Kelly is too liberal, and potential liberal viewers think she’s too conservative. It’s not a recipe for success when you piss both sides off, and that showed in the ratings.

Kelly started her career change with the show Sunday Night with Megyn Kellywhich set all kinds of records for viewership, such as being beaten in viewership by Dateline and America’s Funniest Home Video reruns. After only a few months on the air, Kelly’s Sunday show was canceled.

But perhaps the second time is a charm? Her Sunday night show failed, so NBC decided to double down, deciding that if nobody wanted to see her once a week, perhaps they’d like to see her every weekday (makes sense, right?). Her new show, Megyn Kelly Today, is non-political, and takes the form of a talk show with a studio audience (much like the format of Ellen, Dr. Oz, etc.).

Want to take a guess at how that did?

A source told Page Six: “Not only are ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly joined the ‘Today’ franchise, but the numbers show Kelly’s lead-in has also affected Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Hoda Kotb’s show, which follows straight afterwards.”

Here’s more: ‘They’ve taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in,’ the insider added. Kelly’s hour of ‘Today’ is down 32 percent compared to a year ago. And ‘Kathie Lee & Hoda’ is down 26 percent.”

Some sources are blaming the format of Kelly’s show, which viewers don’t seem to like. Whatever the case, it appears that Kelly is more of a boat anchor than a TV one, sinking whatever show NBC puts her on.

It looks like leaving Fox News was the end of, not the bright new beginning, of Kelly’s broadcast career.

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