Megyn Kelly Demolishes Kim Kardashian – ‘I Hate What She Represents’

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The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is speaking out this week to slam the reality television star Kim Kardashian, who rose to fame in the mid-2000s for starring in a sex tape.

Kelly Blasts Kardashian

Daily Mail reported that Kelly torched Kardashian after watching a clip in which the former “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star took her glam squad to the DMV to help her with her driver’s license photo. Kelly could not hide her disgust, saying that she objected on “so many levels” to Kardashian’s “vapid vanity” after watching her team critique one photo before taking another.

“I can’t stand her for all sorts of reasons. It’s not personal, I don’t think she’s evil, I just hate what she represents,” Kelly explained.

Kelly went on to say that the clip shows that all that matters to Kardashian is her own physical appearance.

“Even her billion dollar brand is all about sucking in your fat so you can look better,” Kelly said.

This was a reference to Kardashian’s brand SKIMS, which is essentially a line of underwear and shape wear that makes women appear thinner when worn.

“That’s her contribution to the world. I’m not saying it’s bad, but that’s where she’s making her money – looking at herself and encouraging young girls of America and around the world to look at themselves and have other people look at them instead of listen to them,” Kelly stated. “Because when you listen for 20 seconds, you’re revolted at the banal emptiness that is the shell of that woman.”

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Jason Whitlock Chimes In 

Kelly’s guest Jason Whitlock agreed, saying that this is a “dangerous message to send to young girls.”

“She’s got two stylists with her, they obviously shut down the DMV or leave it open late for her, and she has them take two or three pictures – she’s not satisfied with the first one,” he pointed out. “This is a mental illness to be this obsessed with your driver’s license photo and your appearance at all times, and then you think about it, how often does Kim Kardashian drive?”

“She’s a billionaire, she gets driven around everywhere, part of this is gimmick for the Kardashian TV show, but this sort of obsession with your looks is a mental illness,” Whitlock continued. “I’m not someone that’s going to sit here and argue and say ‘Kim Kardashian’s not attractive,’ because she is attractive. But this level of obsession, her spirit, her mentality, is very unattractive.”

Check out their full comments on this in the video below.

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Kelly’s Previous Kardashian Comments

This isn’t the first time that Kelly has publicly bashed Kardashian. After the death of Queen Elizabeth in September of last year, Kelly lamented that the public once idolized royalty rather than the “false Gods” of the Kardashian family.

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“I don’t think she is a bad person but I hate what she’s come to stand for and what she represents,” she added of Kardashian.

She went on to reference Kardashian being fined 1.26million by the SEC for failing to disclose that she had been paid $250,000 to promote a cryptocurrency on Instagram.

“So, I believe the reason they booed Kim Kardashian is because the country’s getting sick of narcissistic, vain, self-promotional, ‘rules do not apply to me’ type of people, like her, like Meghan Markle,” Kelly said.

“And I do think one of the reasons it’s in the ether is because the death of the Queen and the reminder of what used to be, what once was, what we used to once revere versus this false god of money, and materialism, and selfie culture, and weird decisions on extreme plastic surgery that one refuses to acknowledge infecting it into the bloodstream of our little ones and so on,” she concluded.

Check out Kelly’s full comments on that in the video below.

It’s sad that we live in a time when Kardashian and her family are so idolized by the masses. It’s hard not to agree with Kelly that regardless of who Kardashian is behind the scenes, what she represents is nothing short of disturbing.

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