Meghan McCain slammed Andrew and Chris Cuomo for laughing and joking on CNN while many New Yorkers are suffering from the coronavirus.

Cuomo Refuses To Ask His Brother The Tough Questions

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke to his little brother, Chris Cuomo, on his CNN show. Governor Cuomo is facing a massive backlash for his policies in dealing with the coronavirus. Governor Cuomo’s lockdown plan has absolutely killed people, because of one serious flaw in its design; elderly, recovering coronavirus patients were sent back to carehomes where they then infected more vulnerable patients, leading to hundreds of unnecesary deaths.

But rather than asking the Governor about this, the younger Cuomo decided to joke and mess around instead. Nicholas Fondacaro, a journalist for MRC, tweeted his disgust at the segment.

“Instead of asking his brother, [Governor Cuomo] why he decided to pack COVID patients into nursing homes, killing untold amounts of people, [Chris Cuomo] pulled out oversized, prop cotton swabs to mock how big his brother’s nose was,” Fondacaro said. “This is the state of ‘journalism’ on CNN. Pathetic!”

“This Is Hilarious Guys!”

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain and regular co-host on ABC’s “The View,” also slammed the pair online for their insensitivity.

“I’m not sure I’m going to ever be able to buy a crib or baby clothes for my first child in a store,” McCain wrote in her attack of Cuomo. “Most of my friends are jobless, petrified and dealing [with] depression & [Janice Dean] lost both her mother and father in law to covid within a week of each other. This is HILARIOUS guys.”

This follows similar criticism from the conservative actor James Woods. Woods has been using the #KillerCuomo hashtag on Twitter to slam the Governor.

“#KillerCuomo ruthlessly seeded vulnerable nursing homes with virus-ridden COVID19 carriers,” Woods tweeted. “He undoubtedly would have catapulted plague-ridden corpses over castle walls during the Black Death and done so without moral compunction. The elderly skew heavily Republican, of course.”

This really is typical behavior from CNN. Just like the rest of the mainstream media, they never ask Democrat politicians the tough questions, while claiming Fox News and other conservative news outlets are simply the propaganda arm of the Republican party. Hypocrisy, thy name is CNN!