As Media Crushes Carson For False Claims – Remember When They Missed This In Obama’s Literary Bio

Ben Carson

Recently, Dr. Ben Carson conducted a very contentious interview with CNN in which he ripped the network’s claims that they vetted President Obama in 2008 as thoroughly as they have anybody else.

CNN has consistently reported on Carson’s childhood stories, while others like Politico have fabricated claims that Carson made regarding West Point.

During the aforementioned interview, the doctor grew weary of the scrutiny, saying the vetting process for Obama was much more forgiving.

So while the media turns over every stone in Dr. Ben Carson’s past, something that they would easily classify as racist if it were done to the President, here’s a flashback to something they missed a long time ago regarding Obama.

In 2012, Breitbart News uncovered a biography on Obama published by his literary agent – a biography that was in use up until 2007 – that claimed the President was born in Kenya.


Whatever you think of’s punishing vetting process, it has exposed just how little work the mainstream media did in investigating candidate Obama back in 2008. Not all of Team Breitbart’s revelations have been election-deciders, but they have often been stuff that a simple Google would have uncovered. If they revealed tomorrow that he’d had his own cross-dressing-themed sitcom on primetime TV in the 1980s, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The latest find is a fascinating inversion of the birther conspiracy. has discovered that in 1991 Barack Obama’s literary agent (who also represented New Kids on the Block) published a booklet that included a biography of the future President. The audience was “business colleagues” in the publishing industry and it was designed to promote Obama’s anticipated first book (later abandoned) called Journeys in Black and White. Here’s how it describes the author’s origins.

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation.

The key phrase here is “was born in Kenya” – and this bio line was apparently being used as late as 2007.

Birther conspiracy theories aside, how did the media, currently obsessed with Ben Carson’s childhood stories and West Point scholarships, not ask the future President ‘Hey, why did you lie and say you were born in Kenya?’

We think you know the answer to that question: Mainstream. Media. Bias.

Now don’t go thinking we’d like to see the President’s birth certificate.  When this story first came out through Breitbart, the point they were making was that Obama lied about his birthplace in order to sell more books.

Comment: Is there a double standard between the vetting of Dr. Ben Carson and community organizer Barack Obama?

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