Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s phony impeachment is on life support.

How long before it flatlines is directly proportional to how long Nancy can delay. Her motive is reliable, but her argument is extremely weak, and that’s being very kind to her.

Sen. Mitch McConnell went on Fox & Friends and told the Speaker that this charade should be put to bed, but she probably won’t listen to the Majority Leader.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Monday blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to withhold articles of impeachment.

McConnell told “Fox & Friends” that he finds it a “rather absurd position” and a “political exercise,” calling on the Democratic congressional leadership to treat President Donald Trump’s case just as they did former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

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“It seems to me a rather absurd position to say after you’ve impeached the president you won’t send the papers over to the Senate for the impeachment trial mandated by the Constitution,” stated McConnell.

“Let’s quit the charades — this is a political exercise,” he added. “All I’m asking … is that we treat Trump the same way we did President Clinton.”

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Democrats tried to put an asterisk next to Trump’s Presidency with impeachment and ended up the impeachment* asterisk slapped on their names for not sending the articles to the Senate for an actual trial because it wasn’t in their interest.

This is not a judicial trial; it is a political trial put on by the Dems. If it were a judicial trial, it would have been thrown out from the start. Trump was denied due process in the house. He was not allowed to call his witnesses. He also has a right to face his accuser, the whistleblower.

Trump hasn’t done anything wrong, but he will settle for censure instead of impeachment by saying he may have misspoken in his conversation with the president of Ukraine. It will require no action by the Senate unless Pelosi or the president insists on a censure vote by the senate. The house can only drop the impeachment by voting for censure and dropping the impeachment charges.

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I believe the Senate and the president should hold out for Pelosi to advance the impeachment charges. A censure vote in the house will reveal a sharp division between the socialist radicals in the house and the less radical members.

The hard-liners will hold out for impeachment, but they will lose. It will also help protect the new members in their districts.

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