Nick Givas on August 20, 2018

Mary Ann Mendoza, who lost her police officer son Brandon to a head on collusion with an illegal immigrant, praised ICE agents on “Fox & Friends” on Monday and asked God to bless them.

An illegal immigrant who was drunk and high on methamphetamine killed Brandon in the crash in 2014, according to his memorial website.  Mary Ann also spoke about ICE officers who arrested an illegal immigrant wanted for homicide while he was taking his wife to the hospital for a scheduled c-section.

“God bless our ICE agents, and thank goodness they’re doing the job they’re doing,” she said. “This is really just showing the importance of vetting for legal immigration to our country so that our citizens are protected as well as our law enforcement officers. We can’t just have people flowing over our border not knowing who’s coming here.” 

Mary Ann blamed the media for dishonesty in their reporting of illegal immigrants and demanded more accuracy going forward.

“What I would love to see is a headline that reads ‘An American killed by a five-time previously deported illegal alien criminal convicted of crimes shown leniency in our courts and released back out on our streets to kill an American.’ That would be a truthful headline, yet no media outlet will ever print something like that,” she continued. “And this is what happens daily in our country.” 

She blasted the media and politicians for pushing their agenda at all costs and accused them of silencing negative stories to tip the narrative in their favor.

“I’m kind of baffled. For every convicted illegal alien criminal in our country, there is an American victim who has either been killed or their story has been silenced by the media or the politicians to support their, you know, their agenda,” she concluded.

“Trying to get more hate not only towards our ICE agents at this point, with what’s going on in our country but also towards this administration. And I thank God every day that we have a president like President Trump who is upholding our immigration laws and stands tall. And standing shoulder to shoulder with his fellow American citizens to protect us.”

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