Martha McSally, the failed 2018 Republican Senate hopeful, will be appointed to fill the seat of outgoing Senator Jon Kyl, who himself was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the late Senator John McCain.

Jon Kyl’s retirement

The appointment is being made by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey following Jon Kyl’s Friday announcement that he wouldn’t remain in the Senate next year. (RELATED: Jon Kyl To Resign From US Senate At End Of December.)

The Washington Post has the full story:

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has appointed fellow Republican Rep. Martha McSally to the Senate, he announced Tuesday, picking a favorite of GOP leaders to fill the seat John McCain held for decades.

McSally, who lost a close race for Arizona’s other Senate seat this year, will succeed Sen. Jon Kyl (R). Kyl will step down at the end of the year following a brief time in McCain’s seat after McCain’s death in August.

McSally’s November loss

This is a great move by Governor Ducey. Rep. McSally is the perfect choice to take John McCain’s Senate seat. She came within centimeters of besting her Democrat opponent last fall, losing by a small amount of votes. (RELATED: Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race, Besting Martha McSally.)

The loss came as a surprise to many observers as it was revealed late in the race that the Democrat Kyrsten Sinema had a low opinion of Arizona voters, calling them “crazy” and implying they had an addiction to meth.

McSally highlighted Sinema’s awful record, which included sympathizing with American-killing terrorists, to no avail. (RELATED: Air Force Vet Martha McSally Mocks Tutu-Wearing Senate Opponent In New Campaign Ad.)

One soldier replaces another

Like the man whose seat she’ll be taking, McSally served her country in distinguished fashion. She was the first woman ever in U.S. Air Force history to fly combat missions. And unlike Senator McCain, she is hawkish on illegal immigration, just like President Trump. No doubt she’ll be a defender of the President’s agenda in the Senate.