Mark Levin Says THIS About How Liberals View Human Life

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During a nationally syndicated radio program last week, conservative host Mark Levin compared and contrasted how liberals approach the concepts of such things as gun control and abortion.

Levin claimed that “there’s something about liberalism that truly does not have an appreciation for human life.”

The Great One first pointed out that gun control will not reduce the number of murders in our country, despite what the left would have you think.

“You’re not going to reduce the murder rate,” he explained.

At the same time that they’re taking up gun control legislation that will actually increase the number of shootings as in Chicago, New York, and DC, liberals turn a blind eye to things like sanctuary cities which contributed to the murder of Kate Steinle, and abortion which kill a disproportionate number of black children.

Take a listen to Levin’s comments below …

Via CNS News:

During his nationally syndicated radio show on Thursday, Mark Levin evaluated liberal views on gun violence and abortion saying, “there’s something about liberalism that truly does not have an appreciation for human life.”

“Instead, we just need gun control. We don’t even have the facts in this case. We don’t have border control. We don’t control who’s coming here. That he doesn’t care about.

“We have sanctuary cities that are safe havens for the lawless. That he doesn’t care about. Quite the contrary, he encourages it.

“And I might add, we have massive numbers of abortions every year, a majority of which actually occur in the black community, and he supports it. We have this phony Planned Parenthood. That name needs to change.  ‘Ooh Planned Parent, ooh we’re planning parenthood.’ No you’re not. Planned Slaughterhouse. We have videos, which have not been altered, which tell the truth and the President won’t even look at them.

Comment:  Do you agree that liberals are solely focused on political positions, and have no appreciation for human life?

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