Republicans control the Presidency, House, and Senate – and the floodgates of federal spending have been blown wide open. The $585 billion deficit in 2016 that Obama left Trump has increased to $665 billion in 2017, and we’re on track for trillion dollar deficits this year, which we haven’t seen since 2012. According to a range of estimates, the deficit will be between $800 billion – $1 trillion in fiscal year 2019.

There’s no excuse for this, and real conservatives are outraged. On his show last night, Mark Levin blasted our Republican representatives for “spending like drunken Marxists” and for “funding every leftwing program and project imaginable.”

“Do you know, today as I speak, your Republican Congress is about to pass an omnibus – and it’s ominous, really – but an omnibus spending bill that is a monster bill?” asked Mark Levin about the Republicans and their profligate spending in Washington D.C. “It is a massive spending bill. It’s going to drive up the deficit this year and drive up the debt. And they’re funding every leftwing program and project imaginable.”

Levin’s comments come as the GOP is scrambling to pass a $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page omnibus bill with the threat of another government shutdown looming. The conservative House Freedom Caucus has said all 32 of its members would vote unanimously against the bill.

In a statement, they wrote that “The policy proposals outlined in this … bill are not consistent with what we told the American people we would do when they sent us to Washington. Many of the policies in the bill are in fact the opposite of what we promised. This is an insult to America’s taxpayers, as well as their many rank-and-file representatives who had no say in the omnibus negotiations.”

Justin Amash pointed out that a vote on the spending bill was purposefully scheduled so close to its public release so that nobody would be able to read it.

What are Republicans thinking? If they’re just going to spend like Democrats, why would anyone bother voting for them again?

Do we need Trump to continue draining the swamp in Washington on both sides? 

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