Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Twitter of ‘Whitewashing Trans-Terrorism’ After Her Account Was Locked

Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Twitter chief Elon Musk for "whitewashing" political violence in the wake of the Nashville elementary school shooting carried out by a transgender woman.
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Twitter chief Elon Musk for “whitewashing” political violence in the wake of a Nashville elementary school shooting carried out by a transgender woman.

Her disagreement with the social media platform stemmed from having certain tweets limited by Twitter for allegedly violating their rules of conduct.

“In the wake of a transgender shooter targeting a Christian school and murdering kids, every American should know the threat of Antifa-driven trans-terrorism,” Greene writes.

“Twitter should not whitewash the incitement of politically motivated violence.”

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Answers From Twitter

Greene (R-GA) took to her personal Twitter account and posted a screenshot of the warning she received limiting some of her Congressional account features for posting about the Nashville shooting.

She had described the shooting – which killed six people (three small children and three adults) and was carried out by a deranged individual using “he/him” pronouns despite being a woman – an example of “trans-terrorism.”

“My official CONGRESSIONAL account was banned for 7 days for exposing Antifa’s plan for violence on the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance,'” she wrote.

She tagged Musk in the tweet and requested an explanation. Subsequent tweets demanded Musk restore her account “immediately.”

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Twitter Denies Her Account Was Suspended

Ella Irwin, vice president of trust and safety at Twitter, claimed Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account was not suspended, but the media was restricted due to a reference to the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’

The Georgia Republican said that was “a lie.”

The Nashville attack took place just days before the so-called ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network.

The group insists they will carry on with the demonstration even in spite of the tragic transgender domestic terrorist attack.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, leading up to the ‘day of vengeance’ and the shooting at a Christian elementary school, predicted the trans community was being whipped into a frenzy with the potential for “political violence.”

During a segment on his show Tuesday, Carlson pressed further by claiming the trans movement “is targeting Christians.”

“It was just last week that we noticed that parts of the transgender movement seemed to be getting militant and possibly dangerous,” Carlson said.

“The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence,” he added. “Most Christian leaders in this country don’t want to admit that.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has run into problems in the past with Twitter, though most of that came prior to Elon Musk taking over.

She’s had ‘strikes’ against her account over alleged COVID misinformation.

In one such instance, Greene argued Covid vaccines were “failing” to mitigate the spread of the disease and was suspended for a week.

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