Marines Murdered by Terrorist Deserve Purple Hearts — You Won’t Believe What’s Holding It Up!

The United States Marine Corps has stated that it is prepared to award the Purple Heart to the four slain Marines that were killed during an attack on two military locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee earlier this month.

This terrorist attack left Marines Thomas Sullivan, Skip Wells, David Wyatt, and Carson Holmquist along with Navy Sailor Randall Smith dead.


However, before that can happen, the FBI must rule the attack an act of terrorism, a move that the agency has not yet made.

“Determination of eligibility will have to wait until all the facts are gathered and the FBI investigation is complete,” Marine Corps public affairs officer Maj. Clark Carpenter told Marine Corps Times.

These awards need to be presented to the families now. The military sure as hell has no say in the FBI awards system.

The Obama administration was already late on setting the American flag at half-mast. Don’t cause the families additional grief by delaying these medals. And why have we let the FBI stick their noses in military business.

Having the FBI prove that this was terrorism has the smell of Obama all over it. Sounds to me like he’s having the FBI drag their feet instead of them stating the obvious…if we can figure out that it’s terrorism, why can’t they?


Ties to “terror” were indicated in the investigation. Evidence found at the scene where this radical Islamic believer behaved is similar to a sufficient number of terrorist attacks on U.S. domestic soil. If these marines are not awarded Purple Hearts, the people of the United States will protest.

Isn’t it wiser to remain in the good graces of taxpayers that fund your salaries and keep you safe?

I say it is.

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H/T: Fox News

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