Marilyn Mosby Now Wants This Request Granted By the Courts! What Is She Hiding?

Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby is supposed to seek justice, not scapegoats for another failed American city. This latest stunt is creating more confusion and has many people scratching their heads wondering just how much damage she is doing to this case.


In an unusual Circuit Court filing this week, Mosby’s office requested a protective order barring defense attorneys for the six Baltimore police officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death from releasing ANY of the evidence due to them June 26 through court discovery, including Gray’s autopsy.

Mosby claimed the defendants “have demonstrated a likelihood of publicizing discovery materials in a manner that may jeopardize the ability to conduct a fair and impartial trial.”

“The Court must not allow the discovery in this case to further fuel a defense public-relations firestorm,” the brief read. “The evidence must be made public, but its release to the public must be made in a court of law, not in defense efforts to court public favor.”

Mosby STILL hasn’t articulated a “theory of the crime” consistent with the charges as filed. This is despite defense motions to compel her to file a Bill of Particulars. Especially noteworthy is the fact that Mosby has so far failed to specify precisely when and how Gray sustained his injuries. Without this, it cannot be established that the injuries were the result of any deliberate wrongful act and the charges should all be dismissed.

Here is Mosby giving an interview about her conflict of interest with MSNBC


H/T: Weazelsnippers, Baltimore Sun, YouTube

You can tell with this video she is frustrated with being questioned on how she’s proceeding with her case. Do you think Mosby will step down from prosecuting this case? Share your comments below.

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