MAGA Rep Matt Gaetz Torches ‘McFailures’ McConnell and McCarthy for Midterm Results

MAGA Representative Matt Gaetz criticized Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel following a flaccid performance by GOP candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.
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MAGA Representative Matt Gaetz criticized Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel following a flaccid performance by GOP candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.

As of press time Thursday, the balance of power in Congress still remains undecided, with too many races yet to be called.

The House appears likely headed to a shift of power to the Republicans while the Senate will potentially be decided with a Georgia runoff in December.

But the margins in the House and questions lingering in the Senate are disappointing when a massive ‘red wave’ had been predicted. 

Gaetz took to social media to label McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel a bunch of “McFailure(s).”

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Matt Gaetz Guns For Kevin McCarthy

Matt Gaetz is taking out his frustration predominantly on Kevin McCarthy.

The House races shouldn’t have come down to the ones too close to call. This was supposed to be a slaughter at the ballot box, a lead so comfortable things couldn’t possibly be left to other mitigating factors.

This is the equivalent of a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament having to go into overtime against the #16 seed. And, just as a coach’s career would be reevaluated after such a performance, so should McCarthy’s.

The Washington Examiner reports that Matt Gaetz has been making phone calls to encourage colleagues to turn their back on Kevin McCarthy’s bid to be the next House Speaker.

“Just as I have done after every election, you can count on me having conversations with my colleagues on matters of policy, politics, and leadership,” he said in a statement.

Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reported that a GOP source earlier this week had warned that the “knives are out” for McCarthy after the midterm performance.

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Failure of Leadership

Matt Gaetz was already targeting weak Republicans, warning that there were some lawmakers voicing opposition to impeaching President Biden should the GOP take back the House.

“There are current members of the Republican majority, people who will be in the next Congress, who are arguing very, very fervently that they will oppose the use of the ‘I’ word, impeachment, in any context for any official in the Biden administration,” he said.

“And I believe that would totally misunderstand the mandate that the American people are giving us.”

That opposition is sure to grow now that the President has escaped relatively unscathed following the Republican election failure.

Likewise, McDaniel, the niece of Senator Mitt Romney, declared that Republicans will reach across the aisle and work with President Biden following the midterms.

“Would Republicans be willing to do the same and not just be a roadblock for him?” she was asked during a CNN interview.

“We have to,” McDaniel replied. “We have to work on behalf of the American people.”

She won’t have to worry about that too much, as President Biden has declared that he plans to change nothing about the way he’s governed based on the midterm results.

Meaning he’ll continue to rule by fiat, issuing executive orders and doing his best to circumvent Republicans in Congress. And he’ll get away with it too, so long as the McFailures are running the show.

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