Mad Maxine Waters: We’re Going After Trump’s Tax Returns Even If He Loses

Representative Maxine Waters said she and other Democrats will “absolutely” go after President Donald Trump’s tax returns even if he loses in November.

Supreme Court Passed The Issue Down To Lower Courts

President Trump has had his tax returns called into question in recent years, after deciding not to release them in the past.

The Supreme Court recently refused to rule on whether congressional committees can have access to the President’s tax returns, shoving the issue back down to the lower courts. However, they did decide in a separate ruling on the same day that presidents are not immune to investigation while they hold office, ruling in favor of a New York prosecutor’s demand to see his tax records.

In any case, there would certainly be no decision in a lower court until at least after the next election in November, meaning that President Trump is safe, for now, in terms of facing scrutiny on those records. However, this has not stopped Maxine Waters from pressing ahead with demanding Congress sees those records.

Waters: “We’re Committed To Our Mission”

In an interview with NPR’s Alisha Chang, Rep Maxine Waters, the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, said that Congressional Democrats will continue to demand President Trump’s tax returns, even if he does not win his re-election attempt against Joe Biden this year.

“We’re committed to our mission,” Waters said. “We have the oversight responsibility as the Financial Services Committee in Congress, and we will not walk away from this. We will continue to do our work.”

“As I have said, we believe that there are issues involved, you know, related to money laundering… and some other kinds of things that certainly this president would have to answer to whether or not he’s still the president or not,” Waters continued.

Simply A Political Prosecution!

The President has decried this entire saga as a “political prosecution,” and I would very much agree with him.

The Democrats are pushing so hard for this, not because of any evidence, but because they hate the President! It’s as simple as that.

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