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After Macy’s Cuts Ties With Trump, Their Stock Price Drops 54% in Two Years

Since July of 2015, Macy’s has been cutting ties with Donald Trump, after his earliest comments about illegal immigration before announcing his candidacy for the White House. At that time, the stock price was $72 per share. Now, it’s a shocking $32.58 per share. Wow!

From Google Finance:

macys stock price trump

That is approximately a 54% drop in price. Recently, it was reported Macy’s could remove Ivanka Trump’s products from their website as well. This would end more than a decade-long relationship with the Trump family.

A few other stores have also dropped President Trump’s and Ivanka Trump’s brands, and the President took immediate action speaking out. Ivanka Trump is 100% classy and a true role model to young women everywhere.

What just happened to Macy’s is even worse than being Tweeted at by the President:

Macy’s shareholders should be furious with those stock numbers!

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