Loesch SLAMS “Criminal Protection Zones” After Oregon Shooting (WATCH)


Nationally syndicated talk radio host Dana Loesch blasted President Obama’s plan for more gun control in the wake of a tragic shooting at an Oregon college campus yesterday.

She particularly focused on the President’s statements that areas with the strictest gun control laws have the least amount of gun violence.  Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. would all beg to differ.

Chicago, for example, saw over 50 people shot on two consecutive weekends.

Loesch pointed out the fact that these mass shootings continually happen in areas where guns are not legally permitted. For example, Umpqua Community College is a gun-free zone.

Loesch told Megyn Kelly that “Gun-free zones are criminal protection areas.”

“You cannot refute numbers,” she said.  “You cannot refute the statistics.”

Sadly, the President has rarely been a big fan of facts when politicizing tragic events.

Watch Loesch’ comments below …

If the President wants to politicize a tragedy, so be it.  Here we go …

Perhaps if God were allowed back on school campuses, and guns were allowed for law-abiding citizens in formerly gun free zones, violence like this would be less frequent.

Comment:  Would strict gun control laws stop mass shootings?

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