A local traffic reporter hailing from Oklahoma gave a report that showed Hillary Clinton supporters exactly where they can go.

No, not to H-E-double hockey sticks.

Rather, he gives them directions for the quickest path to Canada. You know, where they all promised to go if Donald Trump somehow won the election.

Via US Herald:

The brief video clip making the social media rounds comes from Tulsa Oklahoma, of a local traffic reporter at a local Fox affiliate TV station who began his usual evening traffic report, explaining to the locals what areas to avoid, and what routes to take to get home and perhaps avoid the daily rush, as best as possible.

And then without missing a beat the comedic reporter begins to explain with a serious and professional demeanor the best route to take if you’re a Hillary supporter looking to leave America for Canada, and begins actually mapping out directions, from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Canada.

The apparent humorous spoof seemed to have caught everyone at the station off guard, by the apparent laughter within the studio, which becomes even funnier when the reporter acknowledges he’s being very serious (wink wink), in helping those Hillary Clinton supporters get out of the country “pronto” and reminding them not to forget their “passports.”

Ha ha! Who needs a passport? Liberals all assume it’s a world without borders, don’t they?

Check out the clip below …

Watch out though, libs … Fleeing to Canada isn’t quite as easy as it seems.

We’ve got a very serious question for these celebrities that always vow to move to Canada if an election doesn’t go their way.


Check out the following report on celebrities and whether or not they’ll actually move now that Republican Donald Trump has become President-Elect Trump…

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