Liz Cheney Blasts Biden Promise To Fulfill Trump Goal Of Ending Afghanistan War

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After it was announced on Tuesday that President Joe Biden now plans to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11, a longtime goal of former President Donald Trump, neoconservative House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney blasted the decision.

Biden has claimed the troops will be removed by September, but that later date is already past the deadline set by former President Trump to withdraw all troops by May 1.

Biden had previously promised to fully withdraw all troops eight years ago while serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

In a statement obtained by National Review, Cheney declared, “Withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan by September 11 will only embolden the very jihadists who attacked our homeland on that day twenty years ago.”

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Neoconservative Liz Cheney Wants To Stay In Afghanistan

“By declaring that this withdrawal is not based on conditions on the ground, the Biden Administration is sending a dangerous signal that the United States fundamentally does not understand—or is willfully ignorant of—the terrorist threat,” Cheney said.

“President Biden’s decision hands the Taliban and al Qaeda a propaganda victory, abandons our global leadership position, and plays into our adversaries’ hands,” the Republican congresswomen added.

“As we saw with President Obama’s reckless decision to pull troops out of Iraq in 2011, retreat does not end the fight against terrorism,” she continued. “It merely gives our enemies more room to reconstitute and plot attacks against the homeland.”

Like Father, Like Daughter

Cheney is known in Washington as a diehard neoconservative who agrees with her former vice president father, Dick Cheney, that the Iraq War was necessary and productive effort.

Donald Trump was a harsh critic of the George W. Bush presidency and the Iraq War.

The former Republican president has even said the Bush administration and Vice President Cheney lied about Iraq’s Saddam Hussein supposedly having weapons of mass destruction.

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Trump Wanted Troops Home By May 1

While Biden will not meet former President Trump’s May 1 deadline for a full withdrawal of 2,500 U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the president did promise the same action will take place on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

During his presidency, Trump made a concerted effort to bring American forces home from foreign wars.

In 2019, he ordered a withdrawal from Syria. He also ordered drawdowns from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

The Democrat-led Congress frequently tried to thwart such withdrawals.

In July of 2020, Cheney teamed up with Democrats to block Trump’s efforts to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Biden has also made this promise before. 

In a 2012 vice presidential debate against Paul Ryan, Biden proclaimed that all troops would be removed from Afghanistan by 2014.

“We’ve agreed on a gradual drawdown, so we’re out of there by the year—in the year 2014,” Biden said.

“It does not depend for us [on the conditions]. It is the responsibility of the Afghans to take care of their own security. We are leaving. We are leaving in 2014, period.”

According to the Biden administration, the only U.S. forces that will stay in Afghanistan will be those needed to protect diplomats in the country.


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