TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE: Jane Fonda Says Vietnam Photos Were “Huge Mistake”

A few years ago, Jane Fonda told veterans to “get over” her treasonous photos posing with enemy troops during the Vietnam War. But now she’s backing down, calling the photos “a huge mistake” after drawing veteran protesters at a recent speech. 


About 50 military veterans and their supporters protested an appearance by Jane Fonda in western Maryland.

The 77-year-old was at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick for a speaking engagement Friday.

The Frederick News-Post reported many of the protesters served in Vietnam and carried signs that read: “Forgive? Maybe. Forget? Never.”

Fonda told the audience she made a “huge mistake” that led many to think she was against soldiers fighting in Vietnam, and it’s something that she’ll take to her grave. She says she understands their anger and that it makes her sad.

These Hollywood leftists sure are spineless, aren’t they? They will bash the military and betray their own country so long as they are being praised by their fellow travelers in the entertainment industry. However, they immediately back down when they see how unpopular treason is with the American public. Sorry, “Hanoi Jane,” but posing with enemy troops during a brutal war isn’t a “mistake” most Americans can forget, much less forgive.

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