Senator Lindsey Graham expressed hope that President Trump would end the government shutdown but insisted he’ll never budge on the border wall.

Graham has suggested the President open the federal government back up for a few weeks to continue negotiations. If no compromise is reached at that point, he said the President should declare a national emergency to get the job done.

“Before he pulls the plug on the legislative option, and I think we’re almost there, I would urge him to open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug, see if we can get a deal,” Graham said. “If we can’t at the end of three weeks, all bets are off.”

The Senator also suggested that Trump accepting such a proposal amounts to ‘wishful thinking.’

“What’s he supposed to do, just give in?” Graham added. “He’s not going to give in.”

Graham Not Sure What He Wants

Graham’s compromise comes just days after declaring that the President needed to take action “now.”

“Time for President Trump to use emergency powers to build Wall/Barrier,” he wrote in one tweet. “I hope it works.”

“Declare a national emergency NOW,” he demanded in another. “Build a wall NOW.”

Wishful Thinking

President Trump has been laying the groundwork with heavy insinuations that he would declare a national emergency but has yet to actually pull the trigger.

He did, however, confirm Graham’s concerns that his proposal to re-open the government for a short period amounted to nothing more than wishful thinking, telling reporters he has rejected the plan.

Multiple sources have reported that President Trump killed other proposals to end the government shutdown.

Republican senators were trying to draft a way out of the shutdown by pairing border security money with immigration measures supported by Democrats.

Vice President Mike Pence and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney took that proposal directly to the President who promptly shot it down.

According to Politico, Trump feared that any compromise prior to serious consideration by Democrats for the border wall would ” leave him with nothing to show for the shutdown.”

Earlier this month, Graham predicted that should the President cave on his border-wall demands, it would be the “end of his presidency.”

“That’s the probably the end of his presidency,” the top Republican Senator said. “Donald Trump has made a promise to the American people. He’s going to secure our border.”