Blue State Governors Threatening to Sue Over GOP Tax Plan

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<> on November 1, 2017 in New York City.

For as much as Democrats claim to love high taxes, they’re certainly just like everybody else in that they don’t actually like to pay them.

Has there ever been a limousine liberal who didn’t claim every single tax deduction available? Do any of the “millionaires for higher taxes” the liberal media has no trouble finding to bring on their shows ever voluntarily write a check out to the Treasury to pay above what they owe? No – and no!

With the Senate passing their version of tax reform last week, liberals nationwide have immediately become concerned with budget deficits for the first time in decades, and we’ve heard the usual fear-mongering about “tax cuts for the rich” (of which there aren’t many). As liberals complain about mythical tax cuts for the rich (perhaps they’re confusing business tax cuts with tax cuts for wealthy people), they have to reconcile that with the fact that the Trump tax plan raises the taxes of liberal states by placing limits on the deductability of state and local taxes on one’s federal taxes.

Because of that, those living in those high-tax blue states will feel the full burden of the taxes their state and locality are imposing on them. And why should state and local taxes be deductable at all? All that does, in effect, is have fiscally responsible states subsidize fiscally irresponsible ones. Despite that fact, according to the New York Post, a number of notable Democrats in those States are now threatening to sue over it.

Governors of three high-tax states said Monday they’re considering suing to stop the GOP-backed tax overhaul that limits deductions for state and local taxes.

​”We are looking at the legality now. ​This is double taxation. ​T​hey are taxing the taxes​,” said Gov. Cuomo during a conference call with California Gov. Jerry Brown and New Jersey Gov.-elect Phil Murphy.

In what’s the funniest comment I’ve heard all day, Cuomo complained that the bill takes from the rich and gives to the poor: ​​”This ​is ​from the party that is against taxation​. This takes from the richest states and has them subsidize a tax cut for the less wealthy states. It ​may well be illegal and unconstitutional.” 

Isn’t that what the Democrats claimed to be for?

More from the report:

Meanwhile, Brown said the tax plan, which Republican lawmakers insist will spur the economy, will not only negatively affect high-tax states but the country as a whole.

​”They’re hurting California, Massachusetts and New York but they’re also hurting the United States. They’re attacking the vital sinews of the American economy. It’s really stupid​,” he said. “The right thing for America is to defeat this bill.”

It’s great to see liberals against high taxes for once! I’d say hopefully Democrats on the state and local level are warming up to cutting taxes now, but I won’t keep my fingers crossed.

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