Liberals Rejoice Over Rush Limbaugh’s Death As ‘Rest In Piss’ Trends On Twitter

rush limbaugh rest in piss

After it was announced that conservative icon and radio legend Rush Limbaugh had lost his battle with lung cancer on Wednesday, Democrats, liberals, and the media didn’t waste any time attacking Rush, or even rejoicing in his death.

A conservative giant, Limbaugh revolutionized the AM talk radio industry, which had been languishing until his arrival on the national scene in the early 1990s.

Rush was an instant hit and became a household name within a matter of years.

He also became the focus of intense hatred from the American left-wing, as today proves.

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Leftist Ghouls Dance On Rush Limbaugh’s Grave

Back when Rush was building a radio empire, he was going it alone. There was no Fox News or even the internet to find diverse opinions in a broadcast form. Americans had the mainstream news and its liberal bias.

After Limbaugh’s breakout success, conservatives had talk radio and Rush to get the other side of the story.

While it is understandable that the left wouldn’t share the same grief in Limbaugh’s passing as the right, you would at least hope for some modicum of respect for the departed.

Nope. That is not who these people are.

The Daily Beast’ Wajahat Ali immediately jumped to implying Limbaugh was a racist.

“If Rush Limbaugh spoke about white people & conservatives the way he did about the rest of us his death would be viewed as the end of an extremist who inspired and promoted intolerance and hate against a large part of the country,” Ali tweeted.

“Instead, he’s a GOP hero. Tells you everything.”

The Washington Post described Rush’s craft as the “politics of anger and obstruction.”

Journalist Tariq Nasheed thought it was worth noting “Rush Limbaugh died….. During Black history month.”

Which inspired the most sickening replies.

Former President Donald Trump paid his respects to Limbaugh, who he had awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

CNN’s Jim Acosta couldn’t take a second’s break from pushing his propaganda, saying, “Fox News had Trump on but didn’t ask him about the insurrection he caused.”

Some outfit called “Scary Mommy” intoned readers to “Live Your Life So The Entire World Doesn’t Celebrate When You Die.”

If you’re getting the picture, there are hundreds of the vile attacks. So many that “rest in piss” is trending on Twitter.

Remember when Biden claimed he was going to unify the country?

It looks like his work is cut out for him.

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‘What Is The Best Way To Honor Mr. Limbaugh? Fight For What Is Right’

We could go on and on with the despicable leftist hate being uttered in the wake of the talk radio legend’s death, but will spare our good readers.

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Instead, The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss had a much better summation of Rush Limbaugh and his legacy.

“The conservative movement lost a genuine icon today,” Weiss wrote. “More importantly, they lost a genuinely good, good man.”

“What is the best way to honor Mr. Limbaugh?” he asked.

“To me, the best way to carry on his legacy will be to pick up his sword and fight in the only way we know,” Weiss observed. “Fight for conservatism. Fight for what is right.”

“And always, always fight for a better America.”

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